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The main objective of mulbery and silkworm germplasm bank is to serve as a nodal agency to supply well characterized and evaluated mulberry and silkworm genetic resources to those who indent to use the genetic materials for sericulture crop improvement programme and for other research purposes.

Click here to download the Indent Form for Mulberry/Silkworm  Germplasm.

Approved List of Mulberry and Silkworm Germplasm for Supply
Mulberry Silkworm
Variety Name Acc-No. Bivoltine Acc-No. Multivoltine Acc-No.
S-13 MI-0012 NB4D2 BBI-0044 Pure Mysore BMI-0001
S-34 MI-0160 SH-6 BBI-0045 Hosa Mysore BMI-0006
S-36 MI-0013 YS-3 BBI-0056 Mysore Princess BMI-0007
DD MI-0021 SF-19 BBI-0047 Kolar Gold BMI-0008
S-1635 MI-0173 PAM-101 BBI-0066 Kollegal Jawan BMI-0009
S-799 MI-0037 PAM-111 BBI-0076 MY-1 BMI-0010
BC2-59 MI-0080 P-5 BBI-0079 P2D1 BMI-0011
S-146 MI-0045 NB-18 BBI-0081 Os-616 BMI-0014
C-776 MI-0158 CC-1 BBI-0083 G-1 BMI-0016
C-763 MI-0124 CA-2 BBI-0084 Nistari BMI-0017
MR-1 MI-0028 KA BBI-0086 Nistari (M) BMI-0018
S-1708 MI-0172 JD-6 BBI-0048 Nistari (P) BMI-0019
K-2 MI-0014 NB-6 BBI-0082 CB-5 BMI-0021
S-1 ME-0065 KPG-B BBI-0087 RD-1 BMI-0012
TR-10 MI-0193     Sarupat BMI-0002
MR-2 MI-0025     Tamil Nadu (W) BMI-0004
        C. Nichi BME-0005

Please Note: If the indentor wishes to indent other than the above listed germplasm, he may refer this institute's Catalogue on Mulberry (Morus Spp.) Germplasm Volume I and II & Catalogue on Silkworm (Bombyx mori L.), Germlasm Volume I and II and submit their indent to the Director for needful consideration.



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